Wednesday, 3 January 2018

12 Riones of Rome - Trevi

The name Trevi possibly comes from the three streets that lead to Piazza dei Crociferi.

The most famous monument of this district is, of course, the Trevi Fountain but just around the corner can be found the Citta del Acqua. Here you can descend the stairways to view the remains of a 4th Century Roman mansion, and part of a Roman street. Also there is a cistern for the acqua vergine which supplies water to the Trevi fountain.

Galleria Sciara is a wonderful hidden gem close to Via del Corso. Built in 1885 and decorated in Art Nouveau style, the Galleria celebrates women as brides, mothers and representing various virtues.

Our 'Rione Refreshment' tip is Baccano on Via Muratte which has more of a Parisian vibe than Roman but it serves seriously good cocktails, wine & craft beer - oh yes, and food too. The menu has a mix of local and international dishes.

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