Tuesday, 26 December 2017

12 Riones of Rome - Celio

Celio is located on one of the seven hills on which Rome was founded, Mons Caelius.
It was home to the legionaries who followed Scipio on his African campaigns, hence the coat of arms of this rione which depict an African wearing a headress of elephant tusks.

Several churches can be found here including San Clemente, Santi Quattro Coronati and Santi Stefano Rotondo, whose feast day it is today.

At the highest point of the hill is Villa Celimontana,  a peaceful park which hosts a jazz festival in the summer months.

Our top 'Rione Refreshment' tip is Caffe Propaganda Via Claudia 15, where expert mixologist Patrick Pistolesi prepares carefully crafted cocktails.

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