Friday, 29 December 2017

12 Riones of Rome - Campo Marzio

In ancient Roman times Campo Marzo or Field of Mars was used for military training. in the middle ages it was the most densely populated area of the city.

The district includes the Spanish Steps.....

....and Piazza del Popolo.

One of the monuments to be found here is Ara Pacis. Built by Emperor Augustus in 13BC to celebrate the peace established in the Empire after his victories in Gaul & Spain. It didn't always stand on this spot but fragments were reassembled here in the 1930's to celebrate the 2,000th anniversary of Augustus's inauguration as Emperor.
You can experience Ara Pacis with augmented reality where the fully glory of the monument with its original bright colours comes to life right in front of your eyes and you also get to see its transformation over time. More information here

The area is also associated with the sculptor Canova who lived and worked here. His house on Via Antonio Canova is studded with statuary and a plaque commemorating him.

Our 'Rione Refreshment' tip is actually the studio where Canova worked.

Caffe Canova- Tadolini can be found on Via Babuino. Enjoy sipping your cappucino surrounded by classical sculptures.

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