Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Tram ride to Villa Borghese

Another day, another sunrise. This time over Circus Maximus

Then it is off to the Mercato for breakfast pizzette from Artenio and a wander around the stalls that are piled high with autumn produce.

We didn't have to walk far to the Museo della Via Ostiense which is free to enter and is housed within the Porto San Paolo, a gateway in the Aurelian Walls.

Although we didn't see the models of Ostia & Portus that we thought were in this tiny museum we did get great views of the Pyramid & Protestant Cemetery.

Tram number 3 will took us all the way to the Villa Borghese with a close up of the Colosseum on the way. The tram also passes by Parco Celio, the remains of the gladiator training school on Via Labicana, Santa Croce in Gerusaleme,  the aqueduct & Bakers Tomb at Porta Maggiore, Verano Cemetery and then along Via Regina Margherita with impressive turn of the century architecture before skirting the edge of Villa Borghese.
We got off the tram outside the Museum of Modern Art.....

...and made our way to their cafe for our mid morning coffee.

We then enjoyed a stroll around the lovely Borghese Gardens, once the playground of Cardinal Scipione Borghese, whose family emblems of an eagle and a dragon can be seen dotted around the park.

It was a perfect day weatherwise for exploring this lovely park.

We ended our visit at the Museo Carlo Bilotti where thanks to a post from Rome for the Second Time we learned of the exhibition 'Autobiography of the Mother'  a series of works by Silvia Codignola.

After admiring the view from the Pincio.....

 .....we walked down to Piazza del Popolo.

Lunch today was at Retrobottega where we ate last year and, again, we weren't disappointed.

Our passeggiata this evening took us no furher than Piazza Testaccio where we sat by the fountain to watch life go by.

We returned to Nuovo Mondi for a last pizza in Rome then ended the evening with a nightcap at L'Oasi della Birra

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