Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Secret Garden

Today we are heading to Latteria Studio for coffee with Carla whom we met last year on a Market to Table  day. As we are chatting and enjoying Carla's home made biscuits who should appear but Alice, who along with Rachel, made up our three teachers on the course.

After more coffee (and biscuits) we finally left the girls to their preparations for the next class but not before Carla presented us with bags full of produce from the garden in Ostia. What a treat!

After dropping off the goodies in the apartment we take the bus to Piazza Venezia and the 'Secret Garden', which is surprisingly easy to find (just head to one of the three entrances of Palazzo Venezia) This really is a wonderful oasis of calm right in the middle of a major traffic intersection.

We are making our way into the Jewish Ghetto for lunch but can't resist stopping by another favourite fountain first.

Another reason for visiting at this time of year is for artichokes which are just coming to the end of their season. Nonna Betta are known for their Carciofi alla Giudia and this, along with Pezzetti Fritti (fried mixed vegetables) make a great starter.

This was followed by Tagliolini con Ragu and Coratella (lambs innards) 

We skipped dessert in favour of gelato from Albert Pica.

A stroll across Ponte Garibaldi bought us to the stop where we picked up a bus back to the apartment.
We made stock using the carcass from the chicken that we roasted yesterday, along with odure from the market.

Time to head out to yet another market, Mercato Centrale which is part of Termini station. The space was once a social club for railway workers and is dominated by a fantastic marble canopy.

The vendors are made up of some of the best in Rome including Bonci for pizza al taglio and Beppe for cheeses.

We are particularly taken with Roberto Liberati who is known as the best butcher in rome.

Outside the rain which had been threatening all afternoon finally came down but fortunately it had petered out by the time we got off the metro at Piramide. However we decided it was too wet to take our aperitivo to the Orange Garden so we enjoyed our slices of Bonci pizza and Negronis overlooking Via Marmorata. 

 We are rewarded by the appearance of a rainbow.

Supper tonight is a salad of leftover chicken with salad from Carla's garden.

Time to sign off from the Eternal City for another day.

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