Sunday, 7 May 2017

The best laid plans..........

The reason that we had chosen this particular weekend to be in Rome was because of Open House Roma. At this time the public can gain access to buildings and architectural sites that are otherwise closed. For weeks beforehand I had been checking their twitter & Facebook posts to ensure that I did not miss the day when reservations opened. However. when it came to it. all but one of our chosen sites were fully booked.

Over breakfast of lemon cake & strawberries we picked out a couple of Open House sites that didn't require booking and planned our morning around them.
Before heading out we visited the Mercato to pick up our weekend groceries.

Our first stop this morning is the church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva where the Medieval cloisters are on view. Sadly not to us. We were told the quota had been reached for the day.
Oh well while we are here we might as well visit the church, which we had seen before and to be quite honest is not a favourite of mine, even though it is full of glorious art works.....and the body of Saint Catherine of Sienna.

Onward and upward to Chiesa Nuova to see some'Borromini' and the rooms of St. Filippo Neri. Or not as the case may be. Absolutely no evidence of access to the aforementioned at all.
Do not fear, the day was about to get much better with our lunch venue - Food Truck Fest in Piazza Mastai.

Not only was there some great street food on offer here (we chose the polpette) but sitting in the piazza and people watching was a lovely way to while away time.
We enjoyed an afternoon chilling out on the terrace before heading out to our final Open House, Emporium on the banks of the river Tiber.

In the Republican era this area was chosen as the site of the new river port which would see goods being landed from all over the Mediterranean. The Emporium was built in the 1st century AD and was a warehouse with offices above from which the goods were sorted & distributed. The remains are impressive with even sections of the original quay lined with Travertine marble in evidence.

Time for post culture Negronis at Gianfornaio 

Then we hop on a bus to take us along the river. A short walk brings us to Supplizio where we pick up cacio e peppe suppli to enjoy as we take our passeggiata along the quayside towards Ponte Sisto.

Back in the apartment we prepare another recipe from 'Five Quarters', white beans with sage & garlic, served with sausages.

Once again we enjoy dinner outside on the terrace.

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