Monday, 17 April 2017

Recipes from Rome - Torta Pasqualina

Where else would I turn for the perfect pie recipe for an Easter Monday picnic in a Roman park - Rachel Roddy of course!
This ricotta, spinach and egg tart is actually a Ligurian recipe but all the ingredients can be found in any  Roman market at this time of year (as well as our local Morrisons!)

In true Rachel style this recipe starts at the sink.

The overflowing pan of spinach wilts down to this.....

...... and then is chopped.

The spinach is combined with ricotta, two beaten eggs then seasoned with nutmeg  to complete the filling. 
I actually made the pastry & filling a day ahead then rolled out and assembled the pie on the day that we planned to eat it.

I added proscuitto before filling the pie. Next time I will be more generous with this layer - I was just using up what we had left from aperitivo the night before.

Four little craters are created for the eggs then the pastry lid lifted carefully on top.

Then all you need to do is decide in which of Rome's lovely parks you will spread out your picnic.

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