Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunches in Rome are family affairs. This September we were lucky enough to feel part of this tradition at Tavernaccia da Bruno in Trastevere.

We arrived early at this family run trattoria but were warmly welcomed and shown to our table whilst the friendly serving staff got ready to open up.

An elderly couple were shown to a table next to ours, set for six people. Dressed in their Sunday best they were obviously waiting impatiently for family to arrive. As soon as the grandchildren bounded in all tardiness was forgotten and excited chatter filled the room. This little scene made us miss our little grandaughter very much but we were instantly consoled by the food that appeared in front of us. 

We ordered the lasagne to start and, as it was going to be a little while before it came out of the oven, we were bought a complimentary plate of charcuterie to stave off hunger.

Our main course was suckling pig cooked in the wood fired oven. This had distinct Sardinian overtones and took us back to Ferragosta a few summers ago, which we spent at Su Lolla in Barumini, Sardinia. As part of the festive feast each table was presented with a small suckling pig that we had seen cooking in the courtyard.

Da Bruno's suckling pig did not disappoint, with moist meat and fabulous crackling, served with rosemary roasted potatoes.

Completely satisfied we made our way back across the river to laze under the persimmon tree in the garden of our rented apartment.

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