Sunday, 9 October 2016

Stazione di Posta

Stazione di Posta is located in the old slaughterhouse complex of Testaccio and the interior retains the original cobblestoned floor. The rest of the decor is bang up to date and wouldn't look out of place in New York.

The evening began with cocktails, accompanied by tiny caviar snacks and a mozzerella dish

There were various tasting options available. We went for '4 passages', a starter, 2 plates and a dessert, all chosen from the menu. We paired each course with wine but, unusually, we could have chosen cocktails for each course instead.

We each chose diffeent starters. red Mullet with smoked provola, tomato & basil.......

 .......and Bonito with burrata, aubergine & amaranth.

Both main plates were absolute stars.

Parsley shells with lamb and hazelnuts

Ash beef with potatoes in olive oil puree and leeks

Dessert was a clever take on Mont Blanc, with the chestnut puree being replaced by a tonka bean paste.

Coffee in a lovely china cup and mini muffins completed the meal

In conclusion, the food was inventive, tasty and well priced. The two main plates were outstanding. The wine pairings were good, however we would have liked more Italian wines throughout the meal (the starters were accompanied by a Spanish Cava & German Reisling) The young waiting staff were sweet & keen but the reason we won't hurry back to dine at Stazione di Posta is the speed at which the meal was served. There certainly was no opportunity to linger over this dinner. The dining room was not busy so needing the table was not a reason to rush us through our meal.
We will go back.....but for cocktails only.

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