Saturday, 1 October 2016

Cream Buns for Breakfast

Today we are taking the bus for coffee at Roscioli Cafe. This fairly new addition to the Roscioli family is situated in Piazza Benedetto Cairoli. The square itself has been spruced up since our last visit and is being enjoyed by locals & tourists alike on this sunny morning.

We are forgoing our cornetti this morning for maritozza, the roman version of cream buns!

Suitably fuelled up we head off to the Jewish Ghetto & Campo di Fiori for a morning of shopping.
First up is Limantari where we plan what table setting & gorgeous glassware we would buy with a lottery win.

Then on to the Campo di Fiori market to browse the various stalls and surrounding shops. The centre of the market is a good spot to photograph the dome of Sant'Andrea delle Valle,

Walking through the 'secret' passage with the lovely painted ceiling brings us to Largo del Pallaro.

The buildings in this area follow the lines of the Theatre of Pompey over which they are built.

Very close by, in Piazza del Paradiso, is Pasticceria Andrea de Bellis, where we are going to pick up desserts for dinner tonight. It is hard to choose from all the delicious treats on offer.

Back to the apartment for lunch of fresh pasta with our home made tomato sauce, in the garden.

Our passeggiata this evening takes us to Il Vittoriano or the 'wedding cake' which we have never really explored before. It is hard to stop taking photos as it is a magnificent building up close.

The view from the back of the monument of the Forum and Trajan's Market & Column is pretty good too, especially in this early evening light.

We had hoped to have our aperitivo at the bar on this level of Il Vittoriano, but although it was still there it appeared to be set up for a private function. Nothing for it but to hot foot back to Testaccio and one of our favourite 'watering holes', Tram Depot.

Dinner tonight is at Piatto Romano, which, as the name suggests, offers mainly traditional Roman dishes. We are unfashionably early so the sunnily decorated dining area is quiet.

On the way in we pass the pizza oven and we are offered thin, crispy tomato bread from it as we sit down. We have also passed the impressive antipasto trolley which is full of seasonal vegetables (although I spied artichokes on it which was the only jarring note of the evening)
To start we have olives ascolene, stuffed & fried olives and alici arraganate. The latter is a spicy anchovy dish from the Adriatic coast which looked and tasted spectacular. This was followed by saltimbocca & salt cod roasted with fruit.

We decline dessert as we have ours waiting for us back at the apartment.

Chocolate is always a good way to end the evening

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