Sunday, 2 October 2016

'At the Foot of the Pyramid'

Early to the market this morning, where the last of the summer produce sits side by side that of autumn.
We purchase our 'cheat' bag of ready prepared vegetables for our minestrone that we will make later.
A walk across the lovely Piazza Testaccio brings us to Passi where we pick up a selection of cheeses and also breakfast.

Pizza bianca filled with mortadella.
We are heading back into the city this morning for an exhibition of artworks about the Protestant Cemetary, but first coffee with a dolphin at the lovely Cafe Doria.

We see more dolphins as we pass by the Column of Marcus Aurelius in Piazza Colonna.

The exhibition is held at Casa di Goethe  and is spread over three rooms.There are drawings and paintings of the first night funerals that took place in the cemetary, literally at the foot of the pyramid. It is long before the days of restoration as tufts of grass are growing out of the pyramid. The paintings of gravestones of those buried there were often commissions from relatives who wished to have a reminder of the last resting place of their loved ones. The grave of Keats is depicted several times & also there is a painting by Edvard Munch of the grave of his uncle

Casa di Goethe is on Via del Corso, near Piazza del Popolo, and is a delightful small museum with very friendly staff. Obviously, as well as the current exhibition there are artifacts & paintings relating to the German writer, Goethe, including a rather striking Andy Warhol work.

Rather than walk back down the busy Corso to the bus stop we cut across Piazza del Popolo and turn into a favourite street of ours, Via Margutta.

Fortunately the bus stops close to Trapizzino where we pick up our 'lunch in a box' to enjoy in the garden.

The view from the sun lounger beckons but first we rustle up our minestrone from home made chicken stock and the ready cut vegetables, for supper later.

As the heat of the day cools down we head out to the Protestant Cemetery to see the gravestones portrayed in art earlier. This must be one of the most tranquil spots in Rome, yet beyond the walls is one of the city's busiest road intersections.

We pick up the tram to take us up to Vivi Bistot at Villa Pamphili
We are meeting Gina there for aperitivo and get so carried away talking that I forget to take photos, so here is one from Vivi Bistrot's website

Back to the apartment for our supper of minestrone & cheeses.

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