Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Market to Table

Exchanging chat over coffee and Da Artenio's addictive patate pizzette was a lovely way to meet fellow guests at 'Market to Table' and set the informal tone for the day to come.

It is no secret that I am a total fan of our hostess, Rachel Roddy who writes a weekly column for Guardian Cook but who I first discovered through the beautifully written blog, Rachel Eats
Rachel's book, Five Quarters, is along with Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course, my kitchen 'bible'.

Rachel was sweet and unassuming as she led us around the market and chose produce that we would turn into lunch. She was joined by Alice Adams, a food stylist, originally from Australia, whose enthusiasm for Italian pumpkins was limitless!

Back at Latteria Studio we met the third partner of the Market to Table venture, Carla Tomasi. I follow Carla on instagram so I knew all about her garden, produce from which was set out on a side table in the studio.

Carla's foccaccia, fresh from the oven. was served with coffee before the serious business of cooking lunch got underway.

Everyone lent a hand and although we learnt so much from our experts it never felt like a cooking lesson, more like a get together with friends.

The resulting lunch was a triumph of simple, seasonal ingredients coming together to make a wonderful feast, accompanied by local wines.

Latteria Studio is a lovely light infused venue with retro styling and a perfect setting for the class. Our little group would probably have got along well anyway but the relaxed atmosphere created by Rachel, Alice & Carla was infectious.

Yes - we need more days like these

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