Thursday, 29 September 2016

Lazy Sunday

Coffee and cornetti at Linari before heading back to the kitchen. Inspired by our time at Latteria Studio on Friday, we are making a tomato & pepper sauce (a sort of combination of Rachel's tomato sauce & peperonata recipes)

On our way to lunch we walk through the Sunday Market in the grounds of the old slaughterhouse. There are a few farmers stalls, one selling just bottles of passata and others piled high with autumnal vegetables.

The atmosphere is a happy one with children running around, doggies enjoying their walk & live music playing.

Lunch today is at Tavernaccia da Bruno, a short walk over the bridge from Testaccio

We have heard about the wood smoke oven and the suckling pig that is cooked in it but first we have to try the lasagne.

The crackling on the pork is amazing!

We accompany it with the bitter chicory dish that the Romans love.

Back to the apartment for a lazy afternoon in the garden.

We walk over the river again for aperitivo hour this evening. Pasticcio is situated in the unlikely venue of a 1960's multi-storey car park. The top of the building has a lovely roof garden with fruit trees and beds of herbs & vegetables. It also gives a great aerial view of Testaccio & the gasometer of Ostiense, which has become a beloved modern addition to the Rome skyline.

Supper tonight is borlotti beans in the sauce we made ealier , served with salted ricotta.

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