Thursday, 1 September 2016

Earthquake in Central Italy - How to Help

Photo courtesy of La Repubblica

If the terrible pictures coming out of central Italy, devasted by an earthquake, were not enough to convince me to help, then the above image, shared by +Gillian Longworth McGuire was the clincher. Donating money is  obvious, but there are other 'foodie' ways to contribute.
One of the towns virtually destroyed by the disastor is Amatrice, which gave its name to the guanciale & tomato based pasta dish
The AMAtriciana initiative is encouraging restaurants to donate €2 to the Italian Red Cross for every plate of Amatriciana ordered. Restaurants that have already signed up for this in Rome include  Osteria dell'Arco

This is one of our favourite restaurants and we will be sure to visit on our upcoming trip to support this worthy cause.
A new opening in Monti, Madre on Largo Angelicum, also is taking part. This beautifully appointed space would be ideal for cocktails (as well as Amatriciana of course!)

Photo courtesy of Puntarellarossa
Casetta Rossa in Garbetella also seem to be actively involved so we will definitely dine there too.
Across the UK, Jamie's Italian, Jamie Oliver's chain of restaurants  are donating £2 for every plate of Bucatini Amatriciana sold for the next month

This weekend past would have been the 50th annual Festa dell'Amatriciana in Amatrice. An idea started on the internet is to cook up a plate of Amatriciana, share a photo on social media with the hashtag #VirtualSagra and donate to the earthquake fund. Donations can be made by following this link
So this is our supper tonight.....

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