Saturday, 12 September 2015


Romans have returned from their month at the beach and we are well and truly back in to our daily routine at home. Time to reflect on our 14 days of summer in Rome and the unexpected delights that we encountered. In no particular order here are some of our favourites.

Drinking freshly squeezed pomegranate juice in Campo di Fiori.....

......followed by pizza Bianca con mortadella. Instant breakfast.

Discovering French street artist C215 has recreated a section of Caravaggio's 'Crucifixion of St Peter' in a quiet corner of Monti.

Enjoying a near perfect espresso from such an innocuous looking kiosk - Tram Depot

 Stumbling upon the façade of a Medieval synagogue in Trastevere........ well as a milestone from the era of Emperor Vespasian.

Contemplating the 'Wedding Cake' and the rooftops of Rome from Piazzale Caffarelli - a hidden garden above the traffic on Piazza Venezia.

Being blown away by the creative cooking of chef Andrea Fusco at Guida Ballerino. The Caprese inspired cheesecake was sensational.

Discovering a perfect 'Old Fashioned' at Café Bohemian Libreria - a handy hop , skip and jump from where we were staying.

Seeing the full moon from our apartment which somehow reminded me of my favourite painting - 'Empire of Lights' by Magritte

Enjoying our welcome gift of beautifully fresh vegetables which became ratatouille for an al fresco lunch.

Finally - the apartment itself was an unexpected delight from which it was difficult to tear ourselves away . Fortunately the intense heat meant that we just had to spend afternoons chilling out in our very own air conditioned sanctuary.


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