Friday, 21 August 2015


Summer 2015 in Rome has been amazingly hot and even though the temperatures have cooled down a little (30's instead of 40's) tricks to keep cool are always a good idea.


A shot of espresso, poured over ice and shaken to a froth - delicious & refreshing on a hot day. I particularly like this version at Vivi Bistrot, served in a coupe glass. 

Long, Lazy Lunches
Obviously it makes sense to be out of the midday heat, especially if you choose to lunch in a naturally air conditioned restaurant like Flavio al Velavevodetto. Set in a cave dug deep into Monte Testaccio,  the remains of amphorae that built up this man made hill can be seen in the glass fronted walls of the dining room.

Or head to the hills and enjoy lunch in one of the hill top towns. It doesn't come much better than Sora Maria e Arcangelo in Olevano Romano

Going Underground
Rome has so many underground possibilities - catacombs, crypts and archaeological sites all provide respite from the heat.
We booked a tour of the Domus Aurea through Co-op Culture and were lucky enough to have a guide that bought Nero's Golden House alive. The frescoes that inspired Michelangelo & Raphael amongst others were was the cool interior deep below the Esquiline Hill.

This cold dessert consists of fresh fruit juices or syrup over shaved ice. It was first invented in the last century in Rome and can be bought from stalls dotted around the city. We sampled ours at the lovely Liberty era kiosk, Alla Fonte D'Oro, close by Ponte Garibaldi

OS Club
My top tip for keeping cool would be to take advantage of the swimming pool at the OS club. For the princely some of €10 (Tue-Thurs), €12 (Fri-Sat) or €15 (Sun) you can enjoy an afternoon relaxing in lush surroundings under the shade of umbrella pine trees. This ultimate 'chill out' destination is literally minutes away from the Colosseum.

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