Thursday, 23 July 2015

Looking Up

At the third attempt we manage to squeeze on to a number 40 bus to take us to Chiesa Nuova. From here it is but a short walk to Piazza dell' Orologio where we are looking for a Borromini clock tower. The clue is in the word tower. We wondered where the clock had gone....until we looked up.

The clock appears in a scene of 'Roman Holiday' where a little movie magic places it outside the window of Joe Bradley's apartment on Via Margutta.

Coromondel is our breakfast destination. I love the quirky d├ęcor here as well as the delicious food. Today we have freshly squeezed orange juice with omelettes and pancetta.

Our plan for the morning is to explore this quarter of Rome. The heatwave continues so we take things slowly & enjoy hidden corners.

Hidden stories too.....Hosteria dell'Orso (pictured below) provided hospitality to escaped Allied POW's in World War 2.

Coffee break is at Ciampini, Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina.

Lovely coffee & people watching, surly waiters. The only consolation is that they are surly with all customers, not just tourists.
In contrast, the staff at our lunch spot are really friendly and helpful. Ciao Checca uses ingredients from slow food producers in its dishes and is run on an ethical basis. Their star dish is Pasta alla Checca , a mixture of small tube shaped pasta with tomatoes, mozzarella & basil which is eaten with a spoon. The dining area is super cool!

For an instant 'pick-me-up' we head to Fiocco de Neve and order affogatto de zabaione - espresso coffee poured over a scoop of gelato.

Wow - we are ready for anything now including today's emotional moment.

Yes, even after all these years, our first glimpse of the Pantheon always sets me away. Inside we admire the oculus as usual, and pay respects to Raphael &  Italian royalty, including Queen Margherita (after whom the pizza is named)

Another favourite statue is just around the corner from the Pantheon - Bernini's elephant

It is worth looking up to see details like this pine cone in Piazza Pigna.....

......and cat on Via della Gatta

back to the apartment to freshen up before venturing out for our next adventure. It turns out to be more of an expedition than we had anticipated. Our planned bus didn't turn up (quite normal in Rome). Our alternative was to pick up the tram - only the stop had been moved & the tram morphed into a bus. Thanks to a kindly local we were pointed in the right direction and eventually we reached Litro. It was so worth the effort - wonderful wine, beer on tap (= 1 happy husband), tasty food, relaxing surroundings but most of all, lovely, lovely people.

Our next destination is much easier to get to. A quick bus ride and walk along the river and we are at Rec 23, a burger bar. Yes, husband is well happy with tonight's itinerary.

This vintage van is parked on the riverside all summer as part of Lungo il Tevere. This is one of the reasons we wanted to be in Rome at this time of year, as wandering amongst the pop up bars, restaurants and stalls on the riverbank is a fun thing to do on a summers evening.

'An Old Fashioned' at the rooftop American Bar, Hotel Forum finishes the day off perfectly.


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