Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Todays journey on the metro is a little quieter than yesterdays.

We are heading out to Centrale Montemartini, which entails taking the metro to Garbatella and then a short walk across this impressive new bridge. We had looked down on this structure on Sunday from Monte Testaccio.

The museum is held in the former main generating plant for Rome and houses  ancient sculptures from the  Museo Capitolini.

 It was originally intended as  a short term storage measure whilst building works were taking place but it was so successful a move that it became permanent.
Such a clever idea to display historic generating equipment alongside decorative sculpture from the villas and gardens of Ancient Rome.

The details on the pieces displayed are simply amazing

I love this Mother and Child

Also this husband and much younger wife - she doesn't appear to be all that thrilled with the match!
We also meet up with an old friend.

Quintus Sulpicius Maximus died in 94 AD. He was 11 years, 5 months and 12 days old. He had written and performed a poem in a 'Rome's Got Talent' sort of competition but shortly afterwards had died, allegedly of too much hard work (I blame the parents) His poem and information about his short life is immortalised on his tombstone. I would love to say I had worked out the translation myself but actually we learned about it from Mary Beard's fantastic programme 'Meet the Romans'
We saw a copy of the tombstone in its original location, Piazza Fiume, on our last visit.
After leaving the museum we make our way by metro & bus to Villa Doria Pamphilj, Rome's largest park. A short way from the entrance is a delightful café, Vivi Bistrot. We stop for refreshments - café shakerato is just what is needed in 39 degree heat.

We walk across the little bridge in to the western area of the park. It is hard to believe we are only a bus ride away from the centre of Rome.

We find a shady spot for our picnic lunch and relax.

Another bus and metro ride and we are back in the air conditioned apartment.

This evening we are sampling aperitivo at Fafiuche, a cosy wine bar in Monti.

The buffet is very impressive with all sorts of salad options. The staff here are lovely too.

Passeggiata tonight takes in the ancient forum of Augustus, a good view of the recently restored Colosseum and Il Vittoriano (the Wedding Cake)

A gelato stop at Vice, where the Amalfi lemon option is super refreshing and the interior decoration immediately brings cool relief.

Then in to the courtyard of San Ivo where we have tickets booked for one of the summer concerts performed by the International Chamber Ensemble.
The setting is glorious as is the concert - Music from the Movies. As you can imagine there were emotional moments (is it my age?) A rendition of 'More' and the Gladiator theme bought on the tears.

Back to the roof terrace for cheese and wine.....not a bad way to end another wonderful day in Rome.

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