Thursday, 30 October 2014

Marvellous Margutta

Between 30th October - 2nd November the festival of 100 Painters takes place on Via Margutta. The paintings of over 100 artists are displayed at this open air event. Even without the art works this street is an absolute delight.

Via Margutta is an antique lovers paradise but my favourite shop can be found at 53B - La Bottega di Marmoraro. For an unusual souvenir of Rome you can have any sentiment of your choice engraved on a marble slab for around €15. Another memento to take home could be a piece of marble fruit from Maurizio Grossi at number 109

Our favourite restaurant on Via Margutta is Osteria Margutta at number 82. The interior is decorated in rich jewel colours with small paned windows that open up on to the street. There are also tables  on a small terrace outside. Seafood is a speciality on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays but the steaks served here are delicious too.

My choice of where to stay would have to be the Hotel Art at number 56. The entrance sets the standard of what is to come - a minimalist marble lined corridor with lighting designed by Enzo Catellani.

The hotel is housed in a former college and each of the four floors has its own colour scheme.

The Fountain
Designed by Pietro Lombardi, the Fontana degli Artisti is surmounted by a bucket of paintbrushes , representing the artists studios in the street.

Famous Residents
Artists,  composers and writers have all had studios on Via Margutta - Debussy, Liszt, Wagner, Stravinsky, Picasso and Truman Capote. Perhaps the most famous recent resident was  the film director, Federico Fellini, who lived at number 110 with his wife Giuletta Masina.

Via Margutta and the Movies
Woody Allen  used this picturesque street in 'To Rome with Love'

I like to think that he did this in homage to perhaps the most famous film associated with the street  -  'Roman Holiday'. Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) had his apartment here at number 51 - almost opposite Osteria Margutta, which is another reason for our love of this restaurant!
Incidently, Roman Holiday was shot in 1953 - the same year that the Festival of 100 painters was inaugurated.


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