Monday, 22 September 2014

Sights & Bites

It would appear plans are afoot to remove the mobile food vans from sites of historical interest (as reported here) but this begs the question why you would want to buy an overpriced, plastic wrapped sandwich from these vendors when a short walk from the places listed will lead you to infinitely better fare.
Forum / Colosseum
Cross Via dei Fori Imperiale & head towards Via Cavour. Immediately on your left you will see a small courtyard set out with tables. This is Pizzeria Alle Carette, home to delicious thin crust Roman pizza. Cheap option first - for €7.50 you can order a pizza 'to go' - big enough for two to share. Perch around the small Largo Corrado Ricci to enjoy your feast. You will. of course, have re-filled your water bottles at one of the many fountains dotted around.
If you wish to splash out a little. take your seat at one of the courtyard tables & enjoy your pizza washed down with local wine served from a jug.

Piazza Venezia
Directly overlooking Trajan's Column is Enoteca Provincia Romana -  a wine bar serving food from the Lazio area. You could share a platter of salami , enjoy a chilled glass of local frascati & drink in the view.


Alternatively, just off Piazza Venezia on Via di San Marcello 19, is Antica Birreria Peroni, where you can enjoy draught beer and food from a menu that includes salads, pasta & meat dishes - all reasonably priced.
Spanish Steps
This really is a 'no brainer'. A hop, skip and jump away from the Spanish Steps, on Via della Croce 8, is an unnamed pastificio, where, at lunchtime Monday - Friday, you can get a plate of pasta and wine for €4 - yes, seriously €4. The only catch - you have to be in line at 1.00pm.

For dessert, head further down the street to Pompi, where yet another €4 will buy you Tiramisu to share.

If you are in need of a 'pick me up' after all that sightseeing, drop in to Tazzo D'Oro, a stones throw from the Pantheon and order a granite di café which is served with whipped cream. If that doesn't revive you nothing will!


Circo Massimo
If you are in this area on a Saturday or Sunday you are in luck as on Via San Teodoro there is an indoor market - perfect for a porchetta snack.

Piazza Navona
You really are spoiled for choice here - both in the Piazza & in the immediate vicinity. My choice in the Piazza is  Vivi Bistrot, which is part of Palazzo Braschi. This really is the exception to my rule of never eating on a main piazza. The organic menu offers outstanding value with the added bonus of free WiFi and a ring side view of the fountain action.

A short stroll away, on Piazza Pasquino, is Cul de Sac, one of the first wine bars to open in Rome. Enjoy a platter of mixed cheeses & choose a wine from the huge wine list. All this under the watchful gaze of Pasquino himself.

Back on Piazza Navona if you walk past the Fountain of the Four Rivers, and exit left you will find yourself on Via della Pace, leading to Via Arco della Pace and Chiostro del Bramante. If you walk up the stairs, bypassing the exhibition ticket office, you will come to the café which occupies the four sides of the cloisters from where you can look down to the courtyard below.

If this wasn't enough there is also a small lounge that overlooks the Raphael Sybils in the church of Santa Maria della Pace.

You won't get that from a mobile food truck!

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