Sunday, 3 August 2014

Street Food

.....or Cibo di Strada in Italian, is ideal for snacks on the go wherever you are in Rome. Here are five of our favourites.

Filetti di Baccala, Largo dei Librari -This Roman institution has been serving battered, deep fried fillets of salt cod for years. You can eat here but we much prefer to take our hot, crispy pieces of fish to nearby Campo di Fiori  where we sit at the feet of Giordano Bruno and watch the world go by.

Supplizio, Via Banchi Vecchi 143 - There are suppli...and then there are suppli by chef Arcangelo Dandini. We first tried these fried balls of rice at L'Arcangelo, the aforementioned chef's restaurant in the Prati district. When we discovered he was opening Supplizio we just had to hurry there. You walk in to what looks like someone's sitting room complete with a leather Chesterfield sofa but then glance to the chalk board menu & relax as you see that all your favourite suppli are here.

Trapizzino, Via Giovanni Branca 88 - Trapizzino are little triangle pockets of pizza bianca filled with Roman classics such as polpettine (meatballs) and coda alla vacinara (tripe). They make an ideal snack to go but can also be enjoyed perched on a high stool overlooking the preparation area. The food is delicious but what makes this place exceptional are the super nice staff.

Pizzarium, Via della Meloria 43 - 'Foodies' rave about Pizzarium and with good reason. This pizza al taglio (by the slice) is simply the best and is the food that I dream of when we return home from Rome. Choose a simple topping (potato & rosemary) or something more exotic (maybe truffle when in season), grab a beer or wine from the box and eat your feast at one of the benches inside or out.

Panificio Bonci, Via Triofanale 34/36 - Gabriele Bonci, owner of Pizzarium, also has a bakery in the same area. As well as selling amazing breads they also stock Bernabei porchetta - the ultimate porchetta! Combined with Bonci's pizza bianca this is a match made in heaven & the perfect food to go. Thanks go to Gina Tringali for introducing us to this quintessential Roman  Cibo di Strada.

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