Thursday, 21 August 2014

If I were Jamie Oliver.....

.......I would hot foot to Rome to experience some amazing food.

Start in the Monti area with breakfast at Urbana 47 - you won't be disappointed. A 0 kilometre policy ensures that your breakfast delights, whether they be Continental or American, are locally sourced. The décor is a joy - mismatched furniture in loft style rooms with a view of the kitchen. The super friendly staff are dressed in casual checked shirts - very 'Jamie'!
Urbana 47 also offers good value set lunch menu , brunch at the weekend, an aperitivo buffet & dinner.

Obviously Jamie you will be zipping around on a Vespa so it would be no problem to head to Via Meraluna where, at number 55, you will find Panella. The coffee served here is made from a specially selected blend of beans that is unique to Panella. Unusually the coffee machine is vertical - an Arduino coffee machine.

The  breads and pastries are made according to various recipes from all over Italy - the bread sculptures are delightful. The young Olivers will love these!

Back to the Monti area for lunch. Aromaticus (Via Urbana 134) is an organic garden store that serves light lunches from 1.00pm. Chef Luca  conjures up aromatic salads that can be enjoyed with a glass of  wine chosen by his sommelier partner, Francesca.

The décor of exposed brick and white painted furniture make for a relaxing environment in which to enjoy your meal alongside your fellow diners of suited businessmen & local 'ladies who lunch'

If you are craving carbohydrates rather than salad then head across the river to the Trionfale area where you can choose from one of two Gabrielle Bonci offerings - Pizzarium or Panificio Bonci. I am sure Pizzarium (Via della Meloria 43) needs no introduction - to me their pizza al taglio is Rome on a plate......actually it is heaven on a plate. I love the simple potato & rosemary topping but there are many, many more to choose from.

At Panificio Bonci (Via Trionfale 34) pizza bianca (made with the same quality ingredients & long leavening as the Pizzarium dough) can be filled with Bernabei porchetta to create an instant snack.

As the sun creeps over the yardarm it is time for cocktails. Head to Pigneto where you will find CoSo (Via Braccia di Montone). The décor is quirky - bubble wrap coasters & the menu hidden in a jiffy bag - but the cocktails are deadly serious. For a true flavour of Rome try the Carbonara Sour - guinciale infused vodka, egg white & ground black pepper. My personal favourite is a Zot! - the CoSo version of an Old Fashioned. Massimo & Giorgia, the co-bartenders are formally of the Stravinsky Bar at the De Russie Hotel ( a fabulous place to rest your head by the way!)

Dinner beckons and where better than Marzapane (Via Velletri 35). The young Spanish chef, Alba Esteve is working magic here. The small dining space (only 20 covers) overlooks the open kitchen where you can see that magic before your very eyes. The staff are exceedingly friendly & knowledgeable and the food stunning. We enjoyed the €35 (yes really €35!!) tasting menu - amazing. Details & photos  of  what we ate can be found at the end of this post here.

Finally, Jamie, if you are visiting 'en famille' then make sure that you visit the Sunday  farmers market at Citta dell'Altra Economica , held in the former slaughterhouses of  the Testaccio district. The family atmosphere is such fun with the added bonus of organic produce to buy. Don't miss the fried olive snacks.
You never know you may even get to climb 'Bambu'!
Have fun!!

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