Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Gina and Giovanni

Today we are doing our Scooteroma foodie tour with Giovanni and the lovely Gina Tringali. Gina is a co-founder of The Rome Digest which is an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to eat well in Rome.
A truly 'Roman Holiday' moment occurs when we catch sight of the Vespas rounding the corner to our apartment - our mode of transport for the morning.
First stop is Panella for caffe macchiato and cornetti.  Gina explains that the pastries are all baked on site (a lot of bars buy industrially prepared cornetti) and are delicious. We are amused by the many different bread animals in the window.

Next stop the Esquiline Market. We have visited before but see it with fresh eyes after walking around with Gina. We know where we will be coming to shop for our fruit and vegetables from now on!

On to Pigneto which is an area we have wanted to visit for a while. We sample traditional gelato flavours at Necci sitting in the sun at wooden tables.
We then walk along the pedestrianized Via del Pigneto amongst the fruit and vegetable stalls. Cherries have just come in to season so, of course, we feel we must sample some. So beautifully sweet - Gina has bought a kilo for the princely sum of ...........€3!! Amazingly good value.
Next stop is Quarantuno. Without Gina we would not have known about this cozy restaurant with its  menu chalked up on a  board. Honestly, the breseola that we tasted was the best ever. We are definitely coming back to eat here.
A small forno provides My Other Half's first taste of porchetta this visit. I think it was worth the wait. The porchetta is tucked in a pizza Bianca 'pocket ' which he continues to eat as we zoom along on the vespa - no hands!!
Finally we visit Les Vignerons, an enoteca natural. Again we would never have found this without Gina.

 We sample a local cesanese wine and ask Gina  if she will choose the wine for a lunch we are preparing on Thursday. Our friends will be so impressed that two experts chose their wine!!

Giovanni was a charming host, full of information about the city. Hands down this was one of the best 'experiences' we have ever had. Zooming along Via Casalina, an ancient Roman road, on the back of a red Vespa - life just doesn't get any better!!

We return to the apartment laden down with goodies and have 'chill time' before
heading out again.
We enjoy an alfresco aperitivo this evening on the Spanish Steps - fresh peas from the market this morning with pecorino.
We wander down Via Condotti, mentally spending our inevitable lottery win then meander on down to the Pantheon.
Dinner tonight is at Armande al Pantheon, a favourite of ours. Since our last visit they have had a makeover which has revealed the wooden beamed ceiling. The staff are as welcoming and the food as delicious as always.

We walk back to the apartment, admiring the illuminated monuments on our way.


Dessert on the terrace & goodnight from Rome.

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