Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Festa della Republicca

Out early this morning to pick up pastries from Regoli.

Already there is evidence of the huge parade that is to take place later to celebrate Repubblica Day here in Italy.
We had planned to be in Rome at this time as the 2nd June is the only day that the Quirinale Palace gardens are open to the public - more of which later.
Luckily for us other places that are normally closed are open too. We choose to go to Palazzo Madama, home of the Italian Senate but also where Caravaggio lodged when Cardinal Del Monte was his patron. We are great Caravaggio fans.
The palazzo is very impressive especially the Sala Maccari with scenes from the history of the Roman Senate and main Senate chamber itself. Understandably, no photographs are allowed.
As we were walking from the palazzo to Campo di Fiori we saw Il passaggio delle Frecce tricolori  - the fly past with vapour trails in the Italian flag colours. A quite emotional moment.

Before exploring the stalls in Campo di Fiori we had caffe Latte's at Latteria di Vicolo Gallo. This was like being served coffee by Nonno & Nonna - such a sweet couple. I don't think anything has changed here for decades. The latte's were served in cups the size of soup dishes!!

After perusing the stalls ( we resisted the urge to purchase penis shaped pasta!)
we caught the 116 electric bus to Via Veneto.

You may have noticed that, so far, we have not partaken of gelato. This grave omission is corrected by a visit to Come il Latte. The very friendly server insists on us trying many varieties but eventually we settle on salted caramel and a luscious cream that has orange & cinnamon flavours. How can you not love a place that has dark & white chocolate on tap.

Just before we leave the server insists on us sampling the almond gelato that he has just freshly made - amazing.
On our way back to the apartment we do a little supermarket shopping for essentials. We notice that the gluten free selection is much improved. Our son in law would be impressed.

After a quick turn around we head back out to join the massive queue for the Quirinale Palace Gardens.

It is well worth the wait - the gardens are spectacular and the atmosphere is very jolly. A military band is playing the whole time.

Whilst walking around Monti we have noticed a new apertivo bar, Pucciami, which we decide to sample this evening. The aperitivo board is put together with great care in front of us and everything tastes delicious.

We don't really feel like a huge dinner so opt for caponata at Vino al Vino, accompanied by a bottle of Lazio wine.
A glass of grappa rounds of the evening nicely.

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