Friday, 30 May 2014

Home in Rome

Here we are in our ‘home in Rome’ and, for a fortnight at least, we can pretend that this tiny apartment in Monti is all ours.

After dropping our luggage we went straight out to lunch – pizza at Al Carette, a favourite of Elizabeth Minchilli. This is pizza that you dream about with the characteristic thin Roman crust. Enjoying a long lunch in a shady courtyard it is hard to believe that a few hours ago we were in a rainy UK.


Bought our weekly transport pass & essentials from the supermarket and, after unpacking and settling in, set out for our ‘first night walk’ – Piazza Quirinale for our first view of St Peters then Trevi fountain to throw in our coins. We pause in the beautifully tranquil cloister of Sant’Andrea delle Fratte.......
..... and move into the church to see the two original Bernini angels.

Then on to Spanish Steps where we enjoy aperitivo that we have brought along with us.

As this is Thursday we have to have gnocchi for dinner. According to Katie Parla the best is to be found at Arcangelo in Prati so we head over the river, pausing to admire Canova’s home/studio on the way.

Although we have been to Rome many times we have never eaten supplizio so we choose this as our appetizer. Goodness these rice balls are delicious!
The gnocchi are delightfully light – little pillows of heavenly potato in a wonderfully flavoured amatriciana sauce flecked with crunchy guancale.

What a wonderful culinary start to our time in Rome thanks to two amazing apps – EatRome & Rome for Foodies.

We walk back across the river, this time over the Ponte Sant’Angelo. I love this bridge, the Bernini angels that line it and the wonderful view.

The little electric bus takes us from Via Giulia to Via Nazionale from where it is a short walk back to our apartment and one last glass of wine on the terrace.


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