Friday, 15 November 2013

Five Favourite Coffee Fixes

Sciascia, Via Fabio Massimo 80a - this is our new favourite coffee spot in Rome. Not only is the coffee delicious but it is served in elegant china cups. A handy breakfast spot before an early morning visit to St Peters or the Vatican Museums.

Er Caffettiere, Via Urbana 72 - We had the best cornetti here on our last trip - fresh out of the oven, every mouthful was buttery heaven. Even better is that you are standing above an original Ancient Roman tiled floor. Oh...and the baristas are drop dead gorgeous too!! 

Checco er Carettiere, Via Benedetta 7 - Cross the Ponte Sisto to Piazza Trilussa and very close by you will find the many premises that make up Checco er Carettiere. We haven't tried the Osteria or Ristorante but the Café/Pasticceria have delicious bomboloni (doughnuts) for those days when you just don't fancy cornetti.


Er Baretto, Via del Boschetto 132 - If we lived in Monti (in our dreams!) we would visit this neighbourhood café on a daily basis. Not only are the staff super friendly but the owner makes each cappuccino a work of art.


Café Sant'Eustachio - in every guidebook and most definitely on the tourist radar, but, never the less we love this spot. Yes I know it costs much more to sit at the outdoor tables but we  would gladly pay it to gaze upwards to the church of Sant'Eustachio, surmounted with the head of a deer which refers to the legend of Sant Eustace.

Oh, and the coffee isn't bad either! Made to their own secret recipe -  so secret that the baristas always have their backs to you as they prepare your cup.


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