Friday, 25 October 2013

Five Favourite Views

First favourite view is from Piazzale Garibaldi on the Giancolo. The city is spread out before you, surrounded by a necklace of hills - magical. It goes without saying that we simply have to visit this spot every time we return to Rome. While delightful at any time of day, aperitivo hour is our favourite. There is a kiosk selling drinks and, in the summer months, a trendy pop-up bar. Recently, however, we have taken our own refreshments with us.

If you linger long enough you can cross to the other side of the piazza to see the sunset over St Peters.

 The view from the keyhole in  Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta on the Aventine Hill must be one of the worst kept 'secrets' in Rome but never the less it is a favourite view of ours.

St Peter's dome is framed by an avenue of trees in the garden of the Knights of Malta, glimpsed through the keyhole.

 You are actually seeing three sovereign states here - Italy, Malta & the Vatican.

Our next favourite view entails an early start - sunrise from the top of the Spanish Steps.

Worth the early start to see the domes of Rome in that fabulous light. A bonus is seeing the Boat Fountain at the bottom of the steps without  a crowd.
The Monti area of Rome provides yet another favourite view - Santa Maria Maggiore from Via Panisperna.
I love the way the basilica is perfectly framed by the hanging ivy.
Finally, we couldn't leave Rome without seeing the Forum at night from Michelangelo's glorious Campidoglio. 

Best thing  of all about  these views is that are all free! 


















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