Sunday, 1 September 2013

Five of our Favourite Places for Gelato

Fatamorgana, Piazza della Zingari  - The name means 'mirage' but fortunately this sweet little gelateria is very real. Amazing flavours are to be found here - from the masculine 'Kentucky' (chocolate, cinnamon & tobacco - yes, you read that correctly!) to the delightfully feminine Thumbelina (almond, rose & violet)

Gelateria del Teatro, Via dei Coronari 65/66 - Gelato made from organic ingredients with a strong seasonal influence. Favourite flavours here are the raspberry & sage and also the chocolate with Nero D'Avolo wine. The entrance has moved from the little cul de sac pictured below on to Via Coronari but the tables are still here (and it doesn't cost any extra to sit at them). If the tables are all taken then the stone steps are as good a place as any to enjoy your gelato.
Il Gelato Bistro, Circonvallazione Trionfale 11/13 - Gelato with unusual savoury flavours as well as the normal fruit/chocolate choices. On Friday & Saturday evenings, from 6.30pm, AperiGelato is offered. A different spin on the normal aperitivo offerings, gelato is paired with savoury treats from the nearby deli, Tradizione.
Fior di Luna, Via della Lungaretta 96 - Check out the list of ingredients & their sources at this tiny gelateria in Trastevere. All flavours are seasonal - no strawberries in December here!
Fassi, Via Principe Eugenio 65 - This has to be on our list of favourites, not only because of the classic flavours here (lemon & chocolate are our choices) but also the history associated with this gelateria. Giovanni Fassi worked as a pastry chef in the royal kitchens but resigned when the king ordered his staff to shave off their moustaches. He opened a little pasticceria near to Piazza Navona, eventually moving to bigger premises where he started to sell simple gelato. As he became more successful he had ideas of creating a Palazzo del Freddo or Palace of Cold and to this end acquired the property on Via Principe Eugenio. During WWII Giovanni helped a local Jewish family by hiding them in his house in the country.A hero indeed and what a story to ponder whilst enjoying your gelato. Local residents can also take advantage of delicious iced desserts to take away.

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