Friday, 21 June 2013

Rome Revisted

A daily blog post of our visit to Rome

Thursday 20th June

Arrived at lunchtime to find our Rome Cabs driver waiting. He entertained us on the drive in to the city with his vast knowledge of Roman history. Our Monti apartment is gorgeous if tiny but the roof terrace makes up for any lack of space. After stocking up with essentials we headed out for refreshment to 2 Periodico Café
Our plan for the evening was to head to the Spanish Steps with our bottle of Prosecco and toast our arrival in our favourite city - a first night ritual. Sadly the little electric bus failed to materialise so we decided to walk  to the Pantheon via the Trevi fountain. This meant that we discovered the Quirinale Gardens, the location of which had eluded us three years ago.
After throwing our coins in the Trevi Fountain (another ritual - legend must be true as we have returned seven times!) we made our way to the Pantheon passing Pinocchio peddling away - that boy must have some energy!
We never tire of the Pantheon, the view of which still stirs the heart as you turn the corner and see it in full glory.
Dinner tonight at Armande al Pantheon and, because it is Thursday, gnocchi is our dish of choice
No dessert as we are heading out for gelato. On the way we pass remains of the Stadium of Domitian (now Piazza Navona) This is one of the many things we love about Rome - history on every corner and indeed under your feet.
Gelateria Teatro San Simone has moved in to bigger premises since our last visit and you now enter on Via Coronari. Whilst the gelato itself is as glorious as ever I can't help but think that the actual location has lost some of its charm - I loved the tucked away door down the tiny alley. The little tables are still there however.
Fortunately the little electric bus appeared and took us back to the Trevi which was as busy as ever but magnificent at night.
One last look at St Peters before retiring ,tired but happy, to our little home in Rome.

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