Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hidden Treasure

Started the day with cornetti from the local bakery then set out to meet family members who are in Rome en route to Tuscany to get married.

 We are a little early so have coffee at Collo Oppio. It is more expensive than the local neighbourhood bars but the coffee is good and the view priceless.
We meet up at the metro & head out to Circo Massimo. Well that is the plan but we are so busy talking that we get on the wrong train & end up in the wrong direction! This doesn’t bode well as we are supposed to know what we are doing!!!
Eventually we reach Circo Massimo & make our way up to the keyhole that is a ‘must see’ for the family. Suitably impressed, we move on to the Orange Garden with another spectacular view. After family photos we each go our different ways. We are going to Testaccio market. We eventually reach here after waiting an hour for a bus. Public transport in the city is great – just don’t believe the timetables!
The old market has been replaced with a brand new building. It is light & airy – we are impressed.

Once in the market we head to Morda Vai for Panini. We know we are at the correct stall by the queues. We choose chicken meatballs in a tomato sauce – delicious.

After shopping for supplies we make our way to the riverside to pick up a bus to take us all the way back to Via Nazionale, a short stroll from the apartment.

We are meeting up with the family again tonight but first we take a look at the Pozzi corridor in the rooms of St Ignazius Loyola. Yet another amazing example of the use of perspective in art and, best of all, free to enter. A hidden treasure in a corner of the city.

We make our way to Campo di Fiori, passing through the delightful Piazza Mattei & the Turtle Fountain. Not so hidden but a treasure all the same.

In the corner of the tiny piazza  is the door to the apartment of Tom Ripley as featured in the film ‘Talented Mr Ripley'. Normally the door is firmly closed, today the door is open. I resist the urge to peep in to check if the staircase is the same as in the film.

We are meeting the family at their hotel & have taken Prosecco along to toast the forthcoming nuptials. We then head out to Trastevere and Da Ivo for pizza. Not only is the pizza delicious but the staff are so good with the little, almost two year old, in our party.

After dinner we take the soon to be newlyweds out to the Trevi fountain – not only to throw in their coins but to drink from the Lover’s Fountain.

We say goodbye & wish them luck.


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