Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Hadrian's Villa (Villa Adriana)

Villa Adriana was the largest and richest Imperial villa in the Roman Empire and Hadrian's chosen residence from 135 AD to his death three years later.
Hadrian was a great traveller and parts of the villa were inspired by buildings he had seen around the world.

The Canopus, a canal lined with statues was influenced by the Sanctuary of Serapis near Alexandria.

The Temple of Venus is a small Greek inspired temple.
Other buildings include  a theatre and bath complexes.

The Villa is an ideal place to bring a picnic as there are many olive trees to provide shade.

Getting to Hadrian's Villa from Rome isn't difficult. Take Metro line B to Ponte Mammolo and from there take the Rome - Tivoli (Via Prenestina) Cotral bus to Villa Adriana The stop is 300 metres from the entrance. Tickets to the site cost €8.

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