Saturday, 30 September 2017

Quiet Corners

Our day starts with those delicious cinnamon buns that we picked up yesterday. 
We had heard that there was to be a transport strike today so decided to walk across to Trastevere rather than take the tram. A bonus was that we got to check out the ancient port archaeological site that we visited last year from the vantage point of Ponte Sublicio.

Our first destination today was to be Santa Cecilia in Trastevere but we got sidetracked on the way by the open door of Santa Maria dell'Orto.

The shopkeepers and traders who funded the decoration of the church are remembered in marble plaques set into the floor. 

These include shoemakers and poultry sellers.
Santa Cecilia in Trastevere is just around the corner but rather than going into the main church we ring a bell on the side door to allow us access to the Cavallini fresco of the Last Judgement that dates back to 1293. Christ is depicted with the Apostles and Saints but it is the angels that steal the show with their stunningly beautiful wings.

After we manage to tear ourselves away from this gorgeous work of art we head to Bar Calisto for coffee, taking in the Fountain of the Barrels on the way.

The Cloisters of Ospidale Regina Margherita are a quiet corner of Trastevere in the centre of a working hospital. 

A beautiful spot to escape the crowds for a few moments.

We can't come to Trastevere and not visit our favourite wine shop, Les Vignerons, where Antonio is a font of knowledge on natural wines.

On our way to pick up lunch we notice that some of the water fountains are still turned off after the summer drought.

Lunch today is from C'e Pasta e Pasta.....

.....which we enjoy back at the apartment with a glass of orange wine that we picked up at Les Vignerons.

Our early evening passeggiata takes in the Mausoleum of Augustus which, at long last, is undergoing restoration.

Then to the new sculpture outside the Fendi store.....

.....which I don't really understand.
Then on to Sant'Agostino where we light a candle to Madonna del Parto in anticipation of the birth of our new grandchild.

We have a tour booked for tonight which includes a guided visit of Palazzo Pamhilj, an aperitif overlooking Piazza Navona and a concert of operatic arias with works by Puccini & Verdi amongst others.
The view from the 'Grand Bellezza' terrace is worth the fee alone.

Afterwards we take a night time stroll through the illuminated city.....

.....before picking up a bus that drops us off yards from Nuovo Mondo where we enjoy pizza for dinner

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