Saturday, 20 May 2017

Coins in the Fountain

The downside to having this lovely flower strewn terrace at our disposal is that we have been very reluctant to leave it and go into the city. However as this is our last full day we decide we will get up early and visit some of our favourite spots. First though we make a trip to Passi to pick up pizza bianca filled with mortadella for breakfast.

We start at Piazza del Popolo where the newly renovated sphinx fountain is sparkling in the sunlight.

Via Margutta is one of our favourite streets to stroll along, not least of all as it is home to another Lombardi fountain, the Fountain of the Artists

 The smell of jasmine is intoxicating.


We walk towards Piazza Spagna and the Boat Fountain.

So pleased that we passed by the Spanish Steps earlier in the week as the azaleas have now gone.
To ensure that we return to Rome we are heading to the Trevi Fountain to throw in our coins. On the way we spy the Acqua Vergine that still feeds the fountain with water as it has done since its construction in 19BC by Marcus Agrippa. It also supplies the two other fountains we have seen this morning.

The advantage noof setting out so early is that the Trevi is relatively quiet and we are able to sit and appreciate the details of this magnificent structure.

 It is full of carvings of plants such as this bunch of capers.

Time for a coffee which we take in the art nouveau surroundings of the Galleria Alberto Sordi which contains lovely mosaic floors and a stained glass ceiling.

Until 2003 this was known as Galleria Colonna but was renamed in that year after the death of the popular Roman actor who began his career in the theatre that was once part of this building.
Leaving this arcade we walk past the column of Marcus Aurelius 
to the enormous sundial in Piazza Montecitorio.

We need to top up our supplies of San Eustachio coffee but on the way we stop to admire the newly renovated spire of San Ivo 

The queue at the famous caffe is much more managable today. Last weekend it had snaked around the small piazza.

We take a last look at the Pantheon before our final destination of the morning. Bartolucci, renamed by us as Evie's Toy Store, is where we like to pick up gifts for our little grandaughter.

We are catching the bus back to Testaccio at Piazza Venezia. Every bus stop should have a view like this.

Back at the apartment we have a simple lunch of bruschetta and tomatoes dressed with olive oil.
The afternoon is spent packing before a last aperitivo at Tram Depot.

Dinner tonight is at Piatto Romano which was a favourite of our trip last September. It doesn't disappoint.

The contorni were especially good and the meal ended with a complimentary digestif. A lovely way to bring to a close one of our happiest stays in the Eternal City.

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