Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Not Cool

Photo courtesy of The Sun newspaper

In the week when several tourists have been fined for cooling off in Roman fountains, including a Spaniard who swam the length of the Trevi, let me suggest some less controversial ways to ‘chill’


This shaved ice dessert, flavoured with a syrup of your choice, originated in Rome and can be found in kiosks that open up during the spring & summer months. The tell tale sound of scraping ice will lead you to them.

Going underground - Domus Aurea

An opportunity to take a guided tour within the remains of Nero's Golden Palace is not to be missed. An added advantage is that it is several degrees cooler underground.


One of  the many bars and restaurants  set into the man made Monte Testaccio that benefit from n
atural air conditioning. The mountain is made up of discarded amphorae which can be seen within the walls of these establishments.

Shady spots

Rome has many gorgeous parks in which to relax. Villa Celimontana, Borghese, Doria Pamphilj and Torlonia to name a few. Choose the shade of an umbrella pine under which to while away an hour or two.

Finally don't forget the free cool water available from the many Nasone that you will find dotted around the city - very refreshing

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