Thursday, 2 February 2017

Emporio delle Spezie

For the past three years our pre Rome trip preparation has included sorting through our spice cupboard and making a list of those jars to to replenish.
Using Google translate, we endeavour to get our tongues around the Italian names for cinnamon (cannella), cloves (chiodi di garofano) and the like
Once in Rome we hot foot it to a tiny store on Via Luca delle Robbia in Testaccio. 
Emporio delle Spezie is an Aladdin's cave of herbs and spices from all over the world and all of the utmost quality.

The lovely Laura is so patient with our poor pronounciation of list items and our exceedingly small purchases are weighed out with care on the old fashioned brass scales, then bagged & labelled.
Once home these spices are a wonderful memento of Rome, whether it be peppered steak with Sarawak peppercorns, fish pie seasoned with Norwegian smoked salt or the aroma of oregano from Campania, which instantly transports us back to Italy.

Laura even makes an appearance in my favourite cookbook, Five Quarters by Rachel Roddy. All the spices, flour, nuts and dried fruit that Rachel uses in her recipes are purchased at Emporio delle Spezie.

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