Thursday, 22 September 2016

Rome in a Nutshell

Today we are moving from Imperial Rome to the Baroque with plenty of food and drink inbetween!

We fuel up at Linari with cappucino & cornetti then head off to the metro, passing the Piramid on the way.

I love introducing friends to the Colosseum by giving them their first view from upstairs at the metro station - awesome.
We make our way along Fori dei Imperiale. Unfortunately, due to the on ongoing construction works of metro line C, the large marble maps showing the expansion of the Roman Empire aren't visible but we point out the statues of Emperors and their Forums on the way.

We get a bird's eye view of the Forum from the steps up to the Campidoglio where our guests are impressed by what appears to be an ancient Roman God taking a 'selfie'!!

Passing from Imperial & Renaissance Rome, we move onto the Baroque in the form of the Trevi Fountain where we encourage our friends to throw their coins to ensure a return to the city.

On the way to our coffee stop we pass through the theatre-like Piazza San Ignazio and then to Piazza della Minerva to say hello to Bernini's cute little elephant.
Skirting around the back of the Pantheon we reach Cafe Sant Eustachio where we break my rule of always standing at the bar for coffee. One of my favourite things to do in Rome is to sit sipping a Gran Caffe and look up at the church in this tiny piazza.

The plan is to visit the Pantheon next but as we approach we can see that the queue to enter is enormous. We unanimously agree to move onto Piazza Navona.
After strolling around the piazza and admiring the fountains we head for lunch.

Retrobottega was on our list for this trip from the early planning stages and it did not disappoint. I will save a more detailed post for later but here is a shot of the chefs in action from our vantage point at the bar.

After such an amazing lunch there was nothing for it but to head back to the apartment for some 'downtime'
The plans for this evening were to enjoy a picnic aperitivo on the Aventine whilst watching the sun go down. However, the rain, which had been forcast all day, finally arrived, so the chilled Franciacorta was enjoyed in the apartment instead.
Dinner was traditional Roman cuisine enjoyed at Flavio al Velavevodotto. I think the carbonara here is one of the best in Rome and what makes this trattoria extra special is the view into the hillside of the stacked amphorae shards that make up Monte Testaccio.

We reflect on a day where food has been the 'star' and agree that the coins in the trevi need to work their magic for a return trip for our friends.

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