Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Orange is the New White

The plan for the next couple of days is to give a taster of Rome to our friends in the hope it will inspire them to return. First though we need fuel for the day which comes in the form of ricotta pancakes with the last of the white peaches, enjoyed outside in the garden.

Sitting in the shade of the Porticus Aemilia is a good opportunity to explain the history of the area we are staying in and its importance in relation to  Roman cuisine. 
Testaccio is known as the 'Fifth Quarter' as it was this part of the animal,slaughtered locally, that was leftover to feed the workers. Hence the inventive use of offal in dishes here.
Mini lesson over we head to St Peter's Basilica. Do enjoy the photographs taken today as many of them are from our guest photographer, challengerpr.co, (credit given)
Predictably the queues are long but move quickly and really, with so much to feast your eyes on, who would complain.


Another bonus is that everyone gets a chance to enter through the Holy Door, only open in a Jubilee Year.

Even though it is the busiest we have ever seen the basilica we manage to view many of the treasures ( see 'Saturday' in this post) and also enjoy the optical illusion outside in the square.



After our visit we head to the quieter side streets and make our way to Piazzale Garibaldi on the top of the Janiculum hill.
When we arrive we see a crowd gathered and hear a band playing.


It is the band of the Bersaglieri, distintive with their black wide brimmed hats, decorated with capercallie feathers. This corps of the Italian army are also known for jogging on parade rather than marching. They played an important part in the unification of Italy by breaching the Aurelian walls which lead to the capture of Rome & the end of the power of the popes.

We happen to be just in the right place too for the midday cannon shot.

On the way down to Trastevere we pause at the Paolo Fountain


Time for a well earned sit down & pre-lunch drinks at Bar Calisto, followed by a suppli snack from I Suppli which we enjoy in Piazza Mastei

A quick trip on the tram takes us to our lunch destination, L'Angolo Divino, where we are eager to try orange wine. Luckily for us it is available by the glass so we are able to sample a couple of different styles of this particular wine, the colour of which comes from the white grape skins being left on during production.

Lunch consists of plates of herby porchetta & creamy mozzarella.

Dessert is gelato from Carapina before a stroll to a favourite fountain.

Then it is back to the apartment to get ready for a very special evening........to be continued!!

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