Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Suppli Fest

If you happen to find yourself in Rome this weekend then you have hit lucky as Eataly are holding their first suppli festival from the 15th - 17th July. This wonderful street food, basically a breaded & fried risotto ball containing meat sauce & mozzarella, can also be found all over the city. Here are my favourite places to sample them.


Chef Arcangelo Dandini produces suppli made to classic recipes in a beautiful vaulted street food shop on Via dei Banchi Vecchi. Take a seat on the leather chesterfield sofa whilst waiting for your order.

Located on Piazza San Martino ai Monti, Zizzi Pizza produces the most amazing cacio peppe suppli.Eaten fresh from the fryer, there is nothing more delicious.

Known primarily for its stuffed pizza snacks of the same name, Trapizzino also sells suppli. You can choose between a classic recipe or one of the daily specials at the shop on Via Giovanni Branca in Testaccio.

I Suppli

This tiny 'hole in the wall' place in Trastevere not only specializes in suppli but has wonderful take out options if you are self catering - the roast chicken & potatoes are delicious.
The suppli are particularly generously filled with mozzzarella which gives a good demonstration of the 'telephone wires' created when they are pulled apart

It is no secret that I LOVE the pizza al taglio at pizzarium - the potato version is the stuff of my dreams. They also do an impressive choice of suppli which can be washed down with a craft beer from the fridge.